The work of Dean Monogenis explores the notion of architecture as a means to articulate transition. Done in acrylics on wood panels, his subjects include buildings, monuments, houses and vessels set within isolated backgrounds and geometric patterns. His interest lies within the distinctions of new architecture and how it supplants older structures. A building can be nothing with all of its myriad materials waiting to come together or it can be erected and completed to withstand the elements and serve its stated purpose.

Monogenis began exploring the topic of architecture after 9/11 when he realized that like human life, buildings do not always last forever.  This became further exaggerated with several visits to Greece and viewing the surplus of architectural remnants of ancient communities.  The process of removing a building from its natural environment and placing it in an imaginative space challenges the visual, historical and resourceful components of traditional city planning.

For more info or to view the works available by Dean Monogenis please contact the gallery directors at: or (214) 760-1212