A Solo Exhibition By: Clark Goolsby – November 23 – January 02, 2014

The fastest increasing quantity on this planet is the amount of information we are generating. This glut of information has given rise to an evermore disposable culture. The excess of visual communication accompanied by a constant barrage of mass media has created a vast array of social issues.

The works of SHATTER are a reflection on the frenetic world in which we live. In the 12 painting show Goolsby attempts to confront his overwhelming emotions triggered by the excess of  information…unfortunately, feelings are often self-created.

Goolsby commits to a rigorous studio practice, and delves into a process which uses almost no found materials, creating all of the collage-based elements of his paintings from scratch. This exploration includes a series of multi-step processes that have taken approximately one year to fully develop.

The results intend to convey the implications, associated with finding order (or not) in a society that seems to no longer be able to focus.

Goolsby  is a father, husband and former NCAA basketball player. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn New York