To simplify this into a brief statement: (by Angela Kallus)

We have visual static (Denker) and formal focus (Ryan)
Visual noise (Porray) that suggests an endless internal horizon,
Visual fields that atomize into dots (Denker)
Visual arrays that multiply surfaces (Kallus)
and defy the hands that made them (Ryan)
The horizon line and the vanishing point, perspective, order, reason, chaos…
Points (Ryan, Kallus) and Fields (Porray, Denker)
The wide-open space (Porray, Denker) and the focal point (Ryan, Kallus)

The graph and the coordinate, noise and tuning, structure and glitch, repetition and mutation – I could go on like this for a while, but you probably get the point… Why Union Pacific? Philip is from Kansas City, both David and I are from Texas, and Brian is from Las Vegas but now lives in LA. All four of us met out west, in Las Vegas. There is something about the wide open horizons and big skies and vast emptiness of the western landscape that is visually present here, in very different ways, but there nonetheless. I wanted a name that would suggest all of this like a rune, like a meme: wide open skies, motion, flatness, endless horizons, collapsing of space, points on a map, lines on a graph, speed, noise, interference, focus, … A train line seemed like the perfect solution.